We proudly present the Dicom2usb™ anonymizer.  The cost efficient no hassle, fool-proof DICOM export and anonymization.  Get your medical images to your personal USB stick with the single click of the mouse — exactly the way you transfer images within the clinic.


The Dicom2usb anonymizer, is a small, networked hardware-device which acts as a DICOM receiving node, and anonymizer.  The device is not connected to any single computer, but acts as a standalone receiver and anonymizer.  The workflow:

  1. attach your USB drive into the Dicom2usb device,
  2. send images by DICOM transfer from a scanner, medical workstation, or PACS.

The received images are automatically anonymized with rules for 3000+ DICOM elements before stored on the attached USB device.

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Why  Dicom2USB?

  • One-click anonymization – don’t loose time
  • No trouble handling CDs
  • No USB devices on medical devices
  • No manual intervention needed (leads to better quality)
  • More than 3000 rules – this gives safe anonymizaton
  • All modalities and manufacturers supported (patient data from mixed manufacturers will be consistent).  Modalities such as PET and MR works after anonymization
  • A consistent folder structure, allowing humans to retrieve the correct files, in contrast to most export softwares.  Define your own folder structure
  • Three naming modes: automatic, using initials, or manual via web interface.
  • Tailor information displayed in the folder structure or report file

The product is plug-and-play, and virtually fool proof. This, in combination with the most sofisticated de-identification algorithms available, makes this product perfect for the clinic.

Save time

Export hospital DICOM data to your USB flash drive or hard disk.

Export from any workstation, to the stand-alone Dicom2USB hardware.

Just insert your USB device, and send files.  Easy as pie!

Be complient

Anonymize DICOM data from hospitals

Firewall your medical equipment from USB sticks or flash-drives

User friendly

Human-readible folder structure

Be advanced – if you wish

Tailor your anonymization, if you wish

Make reports of received DICOM tags

Dicom Port concentrates on products that makes handling medical images easier than ever.

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