Backup data from a work station

Sarah wants to backup her 50 favorite exams from a General Electric AW workstation, so that they are easy to retrieve in bulk.


The General Electric AW workstation is going to be serviced, and there is a substantial risk that the hard drive is going to be reformatted.  This means that Sarah’s data is in danger.

This may not seem as a big problem, since all the patients are on the PACS.  In reality, however, retrieving these specific exams is going to be a great nuisance, since it is a time and labor consuming job to identify the specific exams on the PACS.

Transfer data from workstation

Sarah followed these steps to transfer the exams from the AW workstation to her USB stick:



If Sarah had a Dicom2usb-outlet, the extra step 1b would not have been required.

On the other hand, with the Dicom2usb-anonymizer, the full flexibility to both anonymize and receive original DICOM images remains.  The Dicom2usb-anonymizer is thus the second best solution, whereas having both a Dicom2usb-anonymizer, and a Dicom2usb-outlet of course would have been easier to operate.