Make a temporary connection

Hans wants to anonymize a few exams from a customer, and bring them back to his company on a USB hard drive.


Hans is an engineer that travels around for a company.  Sometimes customers have interesting cases that he wants to bring back to the company, of course with the consent of his customer.

For these purposes, Hans always brings his personal Dicom2Usb anonymizer and a portable USB hard disk.  He does not have any network outlet that he is allowed to use, but he has access to the General Electric AW work station where the data resides.

Preparation – make a temporary connection

– Hans moves the AW network cable from the wall contact to the Dicom2Usb ethernet port.  The anonymizer is now connected to the AW station.

– Hans simply adds the AE-title, IP-address and port-number of his Dicom2Usb anonymizer, to the list of Dicom nodes on the work station.

Transfer anonymized exams

Hans did the following to move the exams to the hard drive:



An alternative approach would have been to use an existing setting on the AW work station.  This works like this:

On his PC Hans simply edited the AE-title, IP-address and port-number into a text file on his external hard drive. These values were taken from an already existing DICOM node on the AW work station (remember that this is OK, since the Dicom2Usb is connected directly to the AW)