imlook4d – free research tool

Dicom Port provides this download page for the imlook4d research software.

imlook4d is free advanced medical image analysis software.  It is suitable for scripting and algorithm development, since it is easily extended using the MATLAB language.


Main benefits

  • Full 4D VOI analysis, using brush tool (easier than polygons). Load and Save VOI definitions.
  • Reads and writes DICOM, ECAT, Analyze (very fast compared to Matlabs routines), and reads binary, interfile and some other formats.
  • Export/Import to Matlab workspace, for full data manipulation for researchers
  • Drop-in SCRIPTS (Matlab language) that makes very easy to add features to the program. Connect command line calls to program using simple script!
  • Script recording function, let you get a quick start scripting.
  • Only requires the basic Matlab module (No Image processing toolbox etc)
  • Help mode enabled by question mark button [?].  Click in the GUI or menu, and a detailed help opens for the clicked item.
  • Export/Import to ImageJ , for full data manipulation for researchers

Requirements: Matlab with no extra toolboxes. Windows, Mac and Linux


Imlook4d may be downloaded for free on the condition that you supply your contact information, so that I can inform you about new releases or critical updates.  You also promise to give me feedback on bugs, features you would like to have or just let me know how you use imlook4d. Contact information is found under the imlook4d menu HELP/About, or on this home page (link).

Download links

Current version

(verified to work from Matlab 2010b to 2016a.  Later versions should be fine too.)

Old versions

(works only on version Matlab 2014a and earlier)


See Getting Started.  In short this involves:
unzip the downloaded file.  Start Matlab.  Remove previous versions of imlook4d from the Matlab path.  Add the imlook4d-folder with subfolders to the Matlab path.


File formats