Dicom2usb™ anonymizer

The Dicom2usb is a hardware solution that interfaces with the hospital network.  Your personal USB storage-device is inserted into the Dicom2usb.  Selected examinations can be sent from all types of medical work stations, PACS or RIS terminals with a single mouse click.  De-identified files are stored on your personal USB device with no further manual intervention.


If you need access to medical images, for

  • research, clinical trials or education

you must use a DICOM anonymizer.  Obtaining DICOM data from a hospital requires exporting and de-identifying the patient data.  This is:

  • time-consuming
  • labor-intensive (burning CD:s)
  • requires education (manual editing is common)
  • error prone (manual editing)
  • specific to equipment provider and modality
  • a security risk (anonymization differs, specific for each manufacturer, modality, etc)

The solution to above problem is the Dicom2usb anonymizer.  If you are interested in the most user-friendly and thorough anonymization product available on the market, please contact Dicom Port for a dialog.



Included in the purchase of Dicom2usb.  Selected anonymized exams or series can be sent to an ftp/sftp server by a single click.  Easy setup.


Beautiful DICOM tag viewer with green/orange/red signaling dangerous remaining data.  Finally, the person being responsible can easily verify that proper anonymization is performed.  Rest assured!  Included in Dicom2usb.

One-click anonymization™

Remove personal identification from DICOM images in minutes, following these simple steps:



DICOM Export and Anonymizer – Use cases