Dicom Vault PACS


The Dicom Vault PACS is a small-sized PACS solution based on the dcm4chee PACS code, built on the industry standard JBoss application server.  We specialize in the following setups:

  • local storage for GE PET raw data sinograms, allowing for reconstructions of data long after the scans are lost at the scanner.
  • local storage for research scans.  With this solution you don’t have to search in the large hospital PACS system, but have direct access to the relevant scans.
  • local storage from DICOM-complient animal scanners.  This fulfills the requirements for good workflow at the preclinical site.

The system is delivered on Dell server hardware, with RAID technology for data security.  Choices of storage are

  • internal hard drives
  • your own network storage