Dicom-Port offers products for radiological research.  Below products follow applicable standards.  Since they are developed in the same lab, they are also tailored to work seamlessly together.  Two of the products are the extremely simple-to-use Dicom anonymizer (Dicom2usb), and a ready to run Dicom image archive solution (Dicom Vault PACS).  Don’t forget the free imlook4d software for which we provide a download site.


REMbox is the new generation tool for Quality Assurance and Optimization in Radiology


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Dicom2usb anonymizer


Dicom2usb anonymizer    one-click anonymization. Simply the easiest and most complete anonymization on the market. This time saver will be used a lot due to its simple use and integration with the workflow of your hospital.

Dicom2usb outlet

Dicom2USB outlet transfer intact DICOM files to a USB.  This product is useful when the intact DICOM files are needed.  Such a use case is when files are going to be modified by some external software.  This is also the recommended method for the preclinical lab which don’t have patient information to worry about.

For human data, we recommend to use the Dicom2usb anonymizer instead.


Included in the purchase of Dicom2usb.  Selected anonymized exams or series can be sent to an ftp/sftp server by a single click.  Easy setup.



Beautiful DICOM tag viewer with green/orange/red signaling dangerous remaining data, using your web browser.  At last, the person being responsible can easily verify that proper anonymization is performed.  Rest assured!  Included in Dicom2usb.



Dicom Vault PACS

Dell_232x249Dicom Vault PACS is the PACS for smaller research labs, and preclinical labs.  General Electric PET raw data is stored, and may be retrieved to the scanner for new reconstructions.

Raw data storage is especially important for clinics working on research, since typically the possibility to reconstruct images is lost within days or weeks after the scan is performed.  This PACS stores all standard DICOM data, but is also tailored to store General Electric PET raw data.  It may be configured for other types of encapsulated DICOM data.

The startup research and preclinical lab can learn a lot from the hospital workflows.  Dicom Vault PACS is specialized for this use case, creating a vendor-neutral storage for your exams.



imlook4d the scriptable medical image viewer for research.  If your main stream software can’t do what you want — imlook4d can do it. Adds your own scripts to the SCRIPTS menu, giving callback to your own script with the image data from imlook4d.  Supports DICOM, Nifti, ECAT and many more file formats.

imlook4d can open data directly from file, or by DICOM transfer from the DicomVault PACS